Bicycle Routes: between vineyards and cities

“The routes range until 15 – 20 km and allow to visit around beautiful cities like Sacile (Garden of the Serenissima), Spilimbergo (The Town of Mosaic), Maniago (famous worldwide for its knifes) and some of the “Borghi più belli d’ Italia”: Valvasone, Cordovado and Pofabbro.
For the most trained there is no shortage of interesting proposals along the Pedemontana in the municipalities of Polcenigo, Budoia and Aviano.

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Enjoy fully the landscape beauty that changes in a few kilometers thanks to the slow movement on peaceful roads, between the vineyards of one of the most famous Italian wine region.
The tour combines the knowledge of wine with that of the territory, ensuring that the journey becomes a direct and real experience of an authentic world.

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Our purpose is to give the possibility to the passionate to valorize their free time, meeting friends with whom to share the passion for cycling
We make available 15 bicycle; for the rental a reservation is needed.



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