Since 1968 the Tombacco family has passionately cultivated the land and the vine.

I Magredi was bought in 1968 by Otello Tombacco, entrepreneur native of Oderzo.


At the beginning there were several crops: arable areas alternating apple trees, peach trees and finally vineyards. The harvested fruit was sold at the stand while the grape was brought to Oderzo for the vinification.

In 1985 after his graduation Michelangelo, Otello’s son, began to work in the family business and in the late ‘80s they transform I Magredi in a winery choosing to cultivate only vineyards.

The winery

The first part of the actual cellar was built in 1990 and it was enlarged and modernized in technologies and structures several times: 2000,2003,2007. In January 2018 a new project has been undertaken with the construction of a new building.

The cellar is equipped with state-of-the-art plants: soft crushing plant, technologies for the maintaining of the cold chain during the various stages of musts and wine processing, innovative fermentation tanks for the vinification, modern centrifuges and filters for the cleaning of musts and wines.

Thanks to the knowledge of traditional Friulian vinegrowing and winemaking, but never neglecting innovation and environmental protection, I Magredi winery is now one of the protagonists of regional winemaking.

I Magredi… friends of the environment

I Magredi winery is committed to the environmental protection!

In 2009 it was installed a photovoltaic plant able to produce 120.000 kwh of energy in a year that allows to cover one-third of the winery requirement.
The plant-based sewage treatment permit to purify and reuse excess water during the wine-making.


The intention for the future is to continue working for the environmental protection, using all the technologies at our disposal to use clean energy.